International Congress of Linguists

CIPL is responsible for the organization of the International Congress of Linguists (ICL) which is held every five years, customarily between mid July and mid September.

Any organization or institution that is a member of CIPL may organize the ICL. The Executive Committee of CIPL chooses the venue at least four years before the Congress takes place.

So far 18 Congresses have been held: The Hague 1928, Geneva 1931, Rome 1933, Copenhagen 1936, Brussels 1939 (was cancelled because of the War II), Paris 1948, London 1952, Oslo 1957, Cambridge, Mass. 1962, Bucharest 1967, Bologna 1972, Vienna 1977, Tokyo 1982, Berlin 1987, Quebec 1992, Paris 1997, Prague 2003, Seoul 2008, Geneva 2013.