To continue the financial support of the Dutch Government for CIPL’s Linguistic Bibliography, in 2007 a Linguistic Bibliography Foundation (Stichting Bibliographie Linguistique) was founded.

The foundation’s aim is to continue the publication of the Linguistic Bibliography.

To reach this, the foundation:

  • makes it possible for others to use, complete and update an electronic database of linguistic publications from every country in the world in any language of the world;
  • builds and updates an online version of the LB;
  • publishes every year a printed version of the LB;
  • develops eletronic and printed derivatives.


The board of the foundation exists of five persons, to be elected by the International Committee of Linguists (CIPL). CIPL’s Secretary-General has to be a member of the board.

At this moment (2016) CIPL’s Secretary-General acts as chair, dr. H. Pabbruwe is the foundations Secretary, dr. J.G. Kruyt acts as Treasurer and prof. dr. P.C. Muysken and prof. dr. W. Vandenbussche are members.

Ms. M. Kok represents the National Library of the Netherlands, the organization through whom the LB foundation receives the subsidy of the Dutch Government.

Agreement with Brill

The foundation has agreed with the international publishing company Brill to publish the Linguistic Bibliography every year, also to build and update the BL Online.

The foundation pays Brill yearly an amount for the salaries of the two editors, also for external bibliographers and for office space and overhead costs.